Radio Plac

Plac Radio Online is a digital medium of the Centre for Contemporary Culture and Art, Subotica, whose launch was supported through the programme of the Jelena Šantić Foundation.


Editor: Petar Mitrić

Editor of the programme in Hungarian: Csongor Szász

Music editor: Predrag Vitner


Logo: Nemanja Stojanović


Editor's concept:

Plac Radio was conceived as an artistic radiophonic project of the Contemporary Culture and Arts Centre from Subotica. In addition to the musical selection, composed exclusively of unpublished music, amateur music and free music, the radio is aimed at making radiophonic records of everyday life of people in the community. Brecht's view of radio as an opportunity for communication between people forms the backbone of this endeavor. It must be a means of expression of the community within which it operates. In that sense, it develops amateurism and encourages active participation of listeners in the creation of the programme. As part of the Contemporary Culture and Arts Centre, Plac Radio will continuously present also the current activities of art associations and independent artists from Subotica and the region and expand the space for rethinking the radio as a possible creative medium.

The experimental space of the radio initiative is a space of art, presentations of various artists and authors, conversations with marginalized social groups, philosophical reflections, children's fairy tales, conversations about freedom, authentic drama and music programme, sound from magnetic audio tapes, space for listening to the raw sound of the atmosphere from a factory, market, streets, cafes… The listening space we open with this initiative has the important task of trying to form, in times of fast, instant content full of superficial informations, a place where we enter the spheres of imagination and reflection with the help of the sense of hearing and, more importantly, include the community in which we live and work in the process of creation.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens

can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”